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Grant Application Forms

Application Checklist

  • Incomplete applications will be declined
  • Read and understood the Information Notes.
  • Completed both side of the form, ensuring that it is signed and all information asked for is provided.
  • Attached your organisation resolution to apply to REDWOOD TRUST for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. This must be certified as true and correct by the secretary.
  • Ensure two signatories agree to consent to audit.
  • Where applicable, attached evidence of affiliation to a national body
  • Attached copies of current quotes or invoices addressed to the recipient organisation, showing GST content. Include proof of events, itineraries or sports draws (if applicable)
  • Attached copies of competitive quote(s) and/or supporting information
  • Included a pre-printed deposit slip or a bank statement. Personal Bank Accounts are not permitted.
  • If the organisation is incorporated, ensure that the common seal is affixed and a copy of the certificate of incorporated is attached
  • If the organisation is a Trust, include a copy of your Trust Deed, constitution and/or rules and a list of current trustees as well as any proof of IRD Charitable status.