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  1. The application form must be completed by the applicant only.
  2. Site operators cannot make any decisions or recommendation about applications and cannot receive completed application forms. These must be forwarded directly to the Redwood Trust Inc c/- P.O. Box 349, Blenheim.
  3. All applications are subject to availability of funds and compliance with Authorised Purposes. Completion of an application form does not constitute approval of the request for funds or, if approved, does not mean that further payments to the same recipients or for the same purposes will be approved in the future.

How to Apply
The process is outlined very clearly on the application forms. If assistance is required please contact the Redwood Trust Inc direct by phoning (03) 5780180. Applicants should note that under the law, venue operators cannot play any part in the grant process, any applicants must deal directly with the Redwood Trust Inc. Direct contact with a venue could jeopardise the gaming licence for that venue, and threaten our ongoing funding in the local Marlborough community.

Who Considers the Applications?
The trustee's meet monthly to consider grant applications. Applications must comply with the Gambling Act 2003, the licence conditions made by the Internal Affairs pursuant to the Act, any regulations made under the Act and the Trust's policies. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Trust reserves the right to decline applications that do not comply with the Act or where funding is not available.